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Invisalign 2017 elite provider badge, Brentwood MO

Your Comfort is Important to Us

Imagine a dental office that feels like home. At Brentwood Dental Group, that is exactly what we strive for. We believe that by creating a comfortable and family-oriented environment, we can encourage patients to get the dental care they need and deserve. We serve patients in and around St. Louis, from children to senior adults, with modern dental treatments backed by a caring, personalized approach. In fact, our staff includes four experienced and approachable dentists who welcome your specific questions and concerns regarding your dental treatment plan. We are passionate about helping our patients achieve a confident and healthy smile, and we value the importance of making each visit as stress-free as possible.

Amenities for a Great Dental Experience

At Brentwood Dental Group, you can grab a complimentary beverage in our waiting area and zone out to your favorite TV show during your procedure. You will find that our office is equipped with a number of patient amenities to help you relax at every step of your visit. For children, we take extra measures to create a positive experience by surrounding them with a caring, fun and kid-friendly atmosphere. Regardless of your age or the reason for your visit, Brentwood Dental Group is a place you can feel at home.

To support our commitment to provide hassle-free dental care, we also offer unique scheduling accommodations for active families in St. Louis. Take advantage of our early morning or evening appointments or schedule your visit with us on a Saturday. We also provide family block appointments and emergency dental care for your convenience.

If you want a dentist that provides top quality dental care with respect to your family’s comfort and convenience, contact Brentwood Dental Group today. We make it easy to give your smile the attention it deserves at any stage of life.

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