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Teeth Whitening: Don’t Make These Common Mistakes

Having a bright smile is one of the most attractive accessories anyone can wear. A beautiful smile is the representation of health and happiness, drawing others in and often making up for other shortcomings. Many people go to great lengths to achieve a beautiful smile through proper oral care, orthodontics, and teeth whitening. While all […]

Protecting Your Child’s Teeth During Sports

St. Louis MO Dental Care for Children

Sports and recreational activities are a huge part of many of American families each year. Many parents view sports as a great way for their children to build skills in team work, conflict resolution, and work ethic. All of these are life-long skills that can benefit children well into adulthood, yet building these skills through […]

Fluoride is Your Ally

Fluoride is Your Ally

Even with the prevalence of fluoride in tap water, toothpaste, and mouth rinses, many people are significantly deficient in fluoride, which puts their oral health in jeopardy. Fluoride is a natural mineral found in soil, rocks and food. As a preventative dental agent, fluoride is used in two ways: systemically and topically. Topically: a fluoride […]

Dental Visits Must Be a Priority

Man sitting on the dentist chair

Priorities are things that you set apart because of their importance. Things like sleeping, eating, going to work, and paying bills on time are often at the top of your priorities. Other things should also be on a list of priorities like eating healthy, sleeping enough each night, leaving the stress of work at work […]

Gum Disease and Pregnancy

Gum Disease and Pregnancy

Finding out you are pregnant may be one of the most exciting times of your life. You probably have three phone calls to make once you celebrate the news with your partner – your mother, your best friend, and your OB/GYN. While these are certainly important calls to make, there is also another name that […]