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Dental Implants

At Brentwood Dental Group, we give our patients in the St. Louis area the best when it comes to replacing missing teeth. Dental implants are considered the gold standard in tooth replacement. They are a permanent restorative dentistry treatment with the highest success rating of any dental therapy; as high as 98%! We have a team of exceptional implant dentists who use the latest implant technology and technique to restore your smile. With dental implants, we are confident that you can regain a smile that looks, feels and functions most like natural teeth.

Dental implants involve a minor surgical procedure to place a small titanium post into your jawbone. This implant screw is biocompatible and will naturally fuse to the jaw bone over a period of time, a process called osseointegration. Once the implant has healed and is securely anchored into the bone, an implant restoration can be placed on top. Brentwood Dental Group offers a variety of implant restorations depending on the number of replacement teeth as well as your personal preferences. Options include implant-supported dentures, bridges, partials and custom crowns.

Complete Implant Dentistry

The hallmark advantage of choosing Brentwood Dental Group is that we perform complete implant dentistry in our St. Louis practice. This means that you’ll never have to be referred out to a specialist during the process. Not only do we place dental implants and provide the implant restoration, but we do it using the most advanced technology available. Our 3D imaging for dental implants allows our dentists to gain remarkable accuracy and precision when placing your dental implants, which leads to more successful results. In terms of complete implant dentistry, our 3D scanning technology combined with our on-site dental lab gives patients the ultimate in quality assurance and efficiency.

Dental implants require healthy gums, adequate bone structure and strong overall health for successful placement. We are happy to determine if you are a candidate for this revolutionary tooth replacement option. With dental implants, patients can gain numerous advantages, ranging from dietary freedom and low maintenance to long-lasting comfort and beautiful aesthetics.

Teeth Replacement

Whether you have one missing tooth or a complete row of missing teeth, it is important to replace them. Choosing not to replace missing teeth can lead to a number of consequences, including those that involve your smile, your quality of life and your overall health. Missing teeth may cause the adjacent teeth to shift out of position, which can lead to bite misalignment, jaw problems and increase your risk for cavities. Multiple missing teeth may also make it difficult to eat certain foods. A soft foods restricted diet can greatly impact your overall health over time. Lastly, your jawbone can gradually deteriorate due to lack of stimulation from tooth roots. This can cause a hollowed facial appearance and make you look older than you really are. Contact us today to learn more about our distinguished success in complete implant dentistry. We restore your smile the way you deserve.

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