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When it comes to dentures, Brentwood Dental Group offers the latest and most preferred designs. In fact, our modern dentures are far superior to past “traditional” dentures in many ways. With our advanced denture technology and skill in restorative dentistry, your smile can look and feel just like your natural teeth. We can even position each tooth individually to help you avoid the “fake smile” look of past denture designs. Our dentists take great pride in their ability to replace missing teeth with beautiful, long-lasting results. When choosing dentures from our St. Louis practice, we will work hard to ensure they fit comfortably and securely, allowing you to eat, speak and smile with the confidence you deserve.

Full & Complete Dentures

We offer full dentures to patients who need to replace a complete row of teeth, either on the top, bottom or both. To accommodate your personal preferences and budget, we give patients a variety of options when it comes to complete dentures. Traditional dentures require adhesive to hold them in place. However, we are proud to offer a superior method for securing your dentures. Many patients choose our implant-supported dentures, which require a few dental implants to anchor your denture in place. This not only eliminates denture slippage, but it can also help you avoid bone loss due to missing tooth roots. Our office provides the most advanced 3D imaging when it comes to placing dental implants. Implant-supported dentures are considered the most secure and comfortable option.

Partial Dentures

Our partial dentures are made with the same natural-looking and sustainable materials as our full dentures. A partial denture is indicated for patients who have multiple missing teeth but who also still have some healthy existing teeth. A partial can be removable and secured with clips or brackets, or you can choose to anchor your partial with dental implants. We are happy to explain the benefits of each as it pertains to your unique needs.

We realize how overwhelming it can be to make a decision on replacing your teeth. Rest assured that we never take this decision and investment lightly. Our dentists will take the time to carefully explain your denture options and help you determine which approach is right for you. Regardless of which denture solution you choose, we promise to make it a comfortable and streamlined process until your final smile goals are achieved.

To learn more about our custom partial or full dentures, please contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our reputable St. Louis dentists. We consider it a privilege to help patients regain their smile confidence after missing teeth.

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