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Invisalign 2017 elite provider badge, Brentwood MO

Patient Reviews

by Gerry K.

“Dr. Faddis reviewed the items that I addressed with him. He helped me realize that my son needed to have his braces put back on for a minimal time to align his top and bottom teeth properly before putting a bond material on them to make his teeth evenly distributed. I appreciated his expertise and making sure that my sons smile will be beautiful!!!”


“I am really grateful to everyone in your office for taking me in in an emergency situation and letting me become a permanent new patient. Dr. Wasson was both incredibly knowledgeable and empathetic. I know that I will have great experiences for years to come.”

by Fred M.

“I had a fantastic experience on my recent visit to Brentwood Dental Group. Everyone with whom I came in contact treated me with the utmost respect and care. I will definitely recommend Brentwood Dental Group to my friends, family and colleagues.”

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