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Protecting Your Child’s Teeth During Sports

St. Louis MO Dental Care for Children

Sports and recreational activities are a huge part of many of American families each year. Many parents view sports as a great way for their children to build skills in team work, conflict resolution, and work ethic. All of these are life-long skills that can benefit children well into adulthood, yet building these skills through sports does come with a level of risk that parents must consider. All sports have the potential for injury, with millions of youth sports-related injuries occurring each year throughout the United States. Obviously, some sports are more dangerous than others: football vs. swimming, for instance. Yet, prevention of injury is the key to helping your child complete a successful season no matter what sport s/he chooses.

At Brentwood Dental Group, we want to help parents ensure that their children’s smiles last for a lifetime. Our dental practice understands the importance of properly protecting your child’s teeth during sports and other recreational activities. Studies show that more than 3 million teeth are lost each year among youth sports participants. The entire staff at Brentwood Dental Group wants to make sure that your child does not fall into that statistic!

All types of contact sports require specific equipment. Parents will go out of their way to make sure they provide great shoes, coordinating bags and gear, and the top of the line helmet for their children – all of which are great investments. Yet, many parents overlook one piece of equipment that should be seen as essential: a mouth guard. Mouthguards protect the teeth by cushioning them against any type of blow, and giving wearers a soft surface to bite down on. Any sport or recreational activity that has objects flying in the air (be it elbows, balls, bats, sticks, or pucks) or that has any type of 1:1 physical contact (such as football) requires the use of a mouth guard.

Prevention is a huge factor in protecting your child’s smile. By taking the necessary precautions ahead of time, you are setting your child up for a successful dental future. Another factor to consider is this: the cost of a mouthguard (whether custom or over the counter) is minimal compared to the extreme expense of replacing a missing tooth or correcting dental trauma.

Do your child and yourself a favor: protect her/his teeth during sports. Contact Brentwood Dental Group to learn more.
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