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Restorative Dentistry

When it comes to restoring your smile, we pursue excellence. Brentwood Dental Group is pleased to offer a full menu of services in restorative dentistry, from single tooth replacement to full mouth reconstruction. Our St. Louis dental practice is equipped with advanced dental technology and a team of experienced dentists who understand what it takes to restore your smile to natural appearance and long-lasting function.

If you have teeth that have been damaged due to accidental injury, poor oral hygiene, age or other factors, Brentwood Dental Group can help with our dental care treatments. We offer a state-of-the-art dental lab and advanced 3D imaging to ensure your dental restorations are completed with the highest precision and quality. As with all of our procedures, we take measures to minimize your discomfort at every step. From our relaxing amenities in the lobby to our IV sedation in the treatment room, your restorative dental treatment can be a painless process from beginning to end.

Complete Dental Restorations

Missing teeth can be a detriment to your smile appearance as well as your oral health. If you need tooth replacement, it is important to us that we provide an option that suits your personal needs and preferences. Therefore, we are proud to give St. Louis patients access to a variety of top quality services in restorative dentistry, including the following:

Brentwood Dental Group is pleased to offer complete dental restorations. Our dentists are qualified to perform your dental implants from the initial surgical placement until the final implant restoration is placed. Our innovative 3D imaging and on-site lab means that your smile can be restored with remarkable efficiency and success.

To learn more about why patients choose Brentwood Dental Group for restorative dentistry, please contact us today. Our office is proud to offer third party financing and flexible payment options for your convenience. Regardless of your stage of life, you deserve a confident smile.

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