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Wisdom Teeth Removal

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Most people grow four extra permanent teeth than their mouth can hold. These third molars, also called “wisdom teeth,” develop much later than the other permanent teeth. This late development can cause a great deal of problems due to the limited space inside the mouth.

During adolescence and the early teenage years, the permanent teeth settle comfortably inside the mouth. With the development and late eruption of the wisdom teeth, overcrowding often become a big issue – especially for those who have already undergone orthodontic treatment. Having teeth try to push their way into the mouth and disrupt the extensive (and expensive) work that was accomplished through braces is quite disheartening. Other issues that are often caused by the wisdom teeth are gum infections, impaction, jaw pain, jawbone damage, and constant headaches caused by consistent pressure.

It is well accepted among dentists worldwide that addressing wisdom teeth before they ever begin wreaking havoc on the mouth is the best strategy. This preventative measure is very successful in not only removing the wisdom teeth without harm to the already established teeth, but also protecting the mouth from serious damage that can occur if they are left inside the mouth.

Wisdom teeth removal is a low-risk surgery that is performed daily throughout the United States. With a quick recovery time, students and young adults rarely need to take more than a day or two out of their busy schedules. Done under anesthesia, this out-patient procedure involves removing the wisdom teeth and their roots, closing the empty sockets, and then patients adhering to specific post-operative instructions. With proper adherence to their post-op care, patients can expect to heal quickly without any incident.

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