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Your Diet and Your Oral Health

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Maintaining a healthy diet has been all the rage for the past few decades. Most people tend to care about their diets because of how it affects the numbers on the scale and how their clothes fit. However, there is a consistently overlooked area that is greatly impacted by your dietary choices – and it has the potential to help or harm your health. Your oral health has a direct relationship with the health of your entire body, and it is greatly affected by the foods and beverages that you choose to consume.

Your mouth is home to millions of bacteria on any given day. These bacteria are there to “help” you out by getting rid of the small particles left behind inside the mouth after you eat and drink. However, as these bacteria do their work they begin to produce acids to help them do their job more efficiently. It is these acids that do the damage inside the mouth that is often irreversible and can be the beginning of serious health issues.

The reason why it is important to pay attention to how your diet affects your oral health is that the foods that you choose affect how much acids are produced. The oral bacteria are most attracted to the sugars in the foods and beverages that you consume. After you consume dessert, candy, juice, cookies, soft drinks, and other items that are high in sugar, the bacteria inside the mouth begin to work overtime. They will congregate in larger numbers around these sugar particles, and their acids will do more damage in these concentrated spots. It is especially important to note that Diet drinks are no less harmful to the mouth than regular drinks because the bacteria cannot taste the difference between sugar and artificial sweeteners!

By limiting the amount of sugar that you consume, you are helping to limit the damage that occurs from the acids inside your mouth. A healthy diet includes:

  • Water – at least 8, 8 oz. glasses ever day
  • Lean sources of protein
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables – natural, not baked into dessert or coated with whipped cream
  • Dry beans
  • Legumes
  • Low-fat dairy products

At Brentwood Dental Group, we are here to help our patients achieve optimal oral health in every aspect that relates to their mouth. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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