Introduction to the Fotona Nightlase laser

For some patients, snoring can become more than an annoyance and turn into a serious health issue. That’s because some snoring is caused by obstructive sleep apnea, which is a condition in which a patient holds their breath for 10–30 seconds at a time, suddenly gasping it in without waking up.

Even mild sleep apnea causes a patient to stop breathing while sleeping, which deprives their heart, brain, and other organs of oxygen repeatedly during the night. As the body struggles with circulating blood that is low in oxygen content, the body has to raise blood pressure—and other sleep apnea side effects can also occur.

But at our local dentist office in Brentwood, MO, we always keep searching for solutions for neighbors and new friends in this community. We now offer the NightLase laser system for snoring and sleep apnea treatment.

What Is NightLase?

NightLase is a high-tech solution that improves breathing without wearing a CPAP device at night, inserting a mouthguard, or getting sleep apnea surgery. It only takes a few short sessions at the dental office, and it can improve or cure snoring.

How are sleep apnea cures possible? It’s because snoring and sleep apnea are often caused by the shape of tissues in the mouth, throat, or nose. These interrupt the flow of air through the airway, and the tissues vibrate in the air, creating the sound of snoring—and the body might stop breathing temporarily.

NightLase is used to correct these blockages. How? With the laser, your sleep apnea dentist is able to:

  • Create tiny pockets in the tissues, which stimulate the tissues to produce collagen.
  • Reach the tonsils, uvula, soft palate, and other tissues without physically touching them.
  • Complete an obstructive sleep apnea treatment in about 30 minutes.

We will treat the tissues up to three separate times. Your body will create proteins that cause the tissues to become firmer, contracting in the ways that the dentist plans.

Those tissues then will vibrate much less, which reduces snoring and can relieve obstructive sleep apnea symptoms. If you needed a CPAP machine before, you might not any longer, making this one of the exciting alternative treatments for sleep apnea (although you could still use this with your other sleep apnea treatments, but now with better results).

Is the Laser Safe?

This type of therapy has been carefully researched. One study found that NightLase lowered the intensity of snoring by 50% after two treatments. Just about 100% of patients said their snoring had gotten much better. And about 60% found the outcome either “excellent” or “significant.”

Research also has uncovered that NightLase patients often enjoy great concentration and alertness after getting two or more treatments. They also report they’re able to breathe more easily.

Benefits of a NightLase Treatment

It’s true that using a sleep apnea CPAP or other sleep apnea equipment can be effective. However, not every patient likes those treatment options or can sleep well when they are used. That’s why we find new sleep apnea treatments to try to satisfy many different patients.

NightLase is particularly exciting because it physically changes your airway without causing significant discomfort and without any physical surgery. No anesthesia is even needed.

Make a NightLase Appointment at Brentwood Dental Group

If you need relief from snoring or have been diagnosed through a sleep apnea study, contact Brentwood Dental Group today for a consultation. You’ll be amazed by what NightLase treatment can do for you and your quality of life.

You can experience a revolution in sleep apnea treatment, faster treatment times, and an easier recovery with our NightLase technology by calling our office today.

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