Why you probably should not use mail order Aligners

Do you want a beautiful smile with straight teeth and a healthy bite? Invisalign aligners can give you that and more in 6–12 months.

How do we know the Invisalign process works? We’ve used it with many satisfied patients, and Invisalign has built a database of 6 million smiles that supports each patient. Plus, Invisalign aligners have been studied for more than 20 years, earning more than 900 patents.

The only problem: the Invisalign system is so effective that other companies want to copy it to make money. Some companies even sell their own clear teeth aligners through the mail, but they don’t encourage customers to visit an orthodontist or family dentist to make sure their teeth are clean and ready for the treatment.

It’s certainly exciting for some patients to imagine getting straight teeth without going to the dentist office. But mail-order brands, like Smile Direct Club and Candid can be dangerous—besides not even giving you the results you want.

Invisalign vs. DIY Aligners

Can you get good results with mail-order clear aligners? You might or might not, which is the point. If you don’t get an exam from your local dentist, you won’t know enough about your dental health to know if orthodontics are even appropriate for you, let alone how well they will work.

During any orthodontic process, your teeth will be gradually moving for at least six months. Without professional dental services and a team supporting you, you won’t know if the process is going well or not—which could end up costing you more in the long run if you have problems that need fixed. At Brentwood Dental Group, your Invisalign dentist will take great care of you through:

  • A FREE initial consultation to make sure the Invisalign system is right for you.
  • A survey of your dental and medical history to head off any potential complications.
  • Coordinating with your previous dental work.
  • An exam of your bite movement to potentially improve it.
  • A preventive dentistry exam to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy.
  • Dental cleaning with our dental hygienist, when needed.
  • Dental x-rays to plan the fastest, safest tooth movements.
  • Touchless digital impressions of your teeth.

What is Invisalign if not a vehicle for professional, in-person dental care that will improve your overall health and confidence while straightening your smile? We provide a personal touch that can never be achieved through the mail. We’ve read one too many Smile Direct Club horror stories, and we want to protect our friends and neighbors from bad alternative treatments.

Taking Impressions of Your Own Teeth?

Here’s another reason you shouldn’t trust mail-order aligners: The system starts with at-home teeth impressions.

Why does that matter? Because it is actually very difficult to take accurate impressions of teeth—especially with dental impression clay. Here are a few little-known facts:

  • Trained dental specialists frequently take several different impressions of teeth to make sure that at least one of them looks accurate.
  • Only a professional can tell if a dental impression is flawless.
  • It is much more difficult to capture accurate impressions outside of a dentist office, like in a patient’s home.
  • Impressions need to be very detailed and accurate to create the best aligners, but customers taking impressions with a single-use kit might not get it right.

Your dental impressions form the foundation of the rest of your orthodontic treatment. Would you want to take those impressions yourself, with a high chance of inaccurate results, or would you rather get professional care to start the process right?

Get an Invisalign Smile With Dr. Wasson

Invisalign trays can straighten your teeth; correct an underbite, overbite, or crossbite; rotate each tooth as needed; and much more. Plus, we use digital impressions to get the first scans of your teeth; so no dental goop is ever necessary!

The team at our dental clinic uses their experience with general dentistry and aesthetic dentistry to make sure you get the Invisalign results you want, protecting you from the problems of mail-order companies. Call Brentwood Dental Group for a FREE Invisalign consultation and caring dental services.

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