Introduction to the Smoothlase laser

Have you been frustrated by facial wrinkles lately? We can make your teeth look amazing, yet the wrinkles around your mouth might detract from the effect of your smile.

Facial aesthetics is a natural fit for our local dentist office in Brentwood. We want to make you feel great about your smile, raising your confidence and quality of life.

We can improve your teeth and gums with cosmetic dentistry and now even smooth any wrinkles on your face with laser technology. The SmoothLase laser system, approved by the FDA, can make your face look more youthful after short treatments.

How Does a Laser Reduce Wrinkles?

Every cell in your body gets replaced every few months. As we age, these replacement cells age as well, and they show up in new patterns—like wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, for example, along with new skin tones and textures. SmoothLase interrupts this by stimulating new collagen and elastin proteins to be made in the skin.

As this focused beam of light adds heat energy to the skin, your dental specialist can now:

  • Create new proteins in targeted areas, such as the chin, jawline, cheeks, lips, nose, or mouth.
  • Naturally increase the plumpness and tightness of facial tissues.
  • Make your skin look younger.
  • Create changes without cuts or stitches.

These are the types of improvements that would have needed cuts, injections, or fillers in the past. Today, though, we can accomplish them with simple laser skin stimulation at our Brentwood dental clinic.

Why Patients Love SmoothLase

We’ve helped many patients using SmoothLase already. What do they say? They tell all their friends to try it, because it:

  • Makes skin noticeably tighter, lifting the face.
  • Works gradually by naturally stimulating the skin to improve—no strange-looking, sudden changes.
  • Creates long-term changes by helping the body to create its own natural proteins.
  • Takes only short treatments that you can fit into your schedule.

And SmoothLase also avoids certain problems that patients don’t like. For example, SmoothLase DOES NOT:

  • Use harsh chemicals—or touch your face at all.
  • Take you away from other activities (like work) for very long.
  • Use incisions, meaning it doesn’t leave scars or bruises.
  • Need special preparation.
  • Cause long-term redness or sensitivity (only a short, healthy-looking ruddiness).
  • Hurt. It only creates a feeling of heat and tingling—maybe some discomfort—which is all temporary.

Your dental specialists will keep you comfortable in the dentist office during the whole appointment. If you feel a warmth in your face for a few hours afterwards, that’s normal.

Do You Need More Than One Treatment?

We estimate that you’ll need one appointment for 10 years you’ve been alive. In other words, if you are 50 years young, you could get five appointments.

Each treatment only takes about 30–45 minutes. We leave about three weeks between each, because your skin will naturally develop using its own collagen and elastin proteins in between. This will make your wrinkle improvements look natural (because they are) and last longer.

After we finish your first course of treatments, your skin will keep producing its own proteins for around a month on its own. After about six months, we recommend giving you one more SmoothLase boost to extend the results even further—and keep your face looking more youthful.

Get Smoother Skin at Brentwood Dental Group

Do you want to use anti-aging technology? Along with laser dentistry, we can now use a laser in a new type facial esthetics treatment to naturally smooth and improve skin.

We can use porcelain veneers, Invisalign aligners, a tooth crown, teeth whitening and more to fix unesthetic teeth and give you a bright smile; but now we can also do something to improve your lips and facial skin around your smile!

So, make an appointment with your family dentist. As we fix teeth and improve dental health, we also want to raise your confidence in the beauty of your skin. Call now for a convenient appointment.

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