Single Tooth Implant Replacement

Losing an adult tooth can be a serious problem. You might struggle to talk normally as the airflow between your teeth changes. It can be harder to eat the foods you need. You might even avoid smiling or posing for pictures.

How can you replace that tooth? At the dental clinic here at Brentwood Dental Group, we offer two options:

  • A Dental Bridge: Traditional bridges are attached to the natural teeth on both sides of a missing tooth space.
  • Dental Implants: Each implant is a replacement tooth root made of titanium. This fits into the jaw like a natural tooth root. We can place an implant abutment and replacement tooth crown on top of it.

When you get the tooth implant process, you are investing in a new tooth root that can be with you for the rest of your life, which can save you money and be very convenient over time. An implant root can even be used later for a different restorative dentistry solution, like implant-supported dentures.

The Steps for a Single Tooth Implant

When you visit the local dentist office in Brentwood, we’ll perform all the steps of the implant process right here in the office, bringing in trusted dental specialists as needed. We’ll help plan the dental surgery using 3D dental x-rays. We’ll supply anesthesia and sedation dentistry as needed.

We’ll also place your new dental crown here. Above all, we’ll make you feel comfortable and relaxed at our family dental practice. Ask us questions, and get answers as we take you through these steps:

  • Dental Exam: We’ll discover if your dental health and gum health are appropriate for surgery, as well as checking your jawbone strength for a successful implant. We could give you a dental cleaning, if it’s needed.
  • Surgery Planning: We’ll plan the precise placement of your implant based on 3D modeling.
  • Jaw Bone Graft: In some cases, when the jawbone is thin in the target location, we’ll add additional material to the site and allow the jawbone to naturally thicken there before the implant is placed.
  • Implant Surgery: Using local anesthetic, your surgeon will complete this routine procedure very quickly.
  • Recovery Tooth Cap: We sometimes place temporary crowns on our dental implants to protect the surgical site and help you chew.
  • Healing Period: We recommend several months of recovery to let your jawbone integrate your implant, creating an extremely strong base for your permanent new tooth. We’ll help you manage any discomfort with medication and tips.
  • Tooth Replacement: When the jaw is ready, we’ll place your customized tooth crown, which should look and function just like a natural tooth.

Follow the recovery tips we give you, and you’ll have a new tooth root that will last a lifetime, creating a stable foundation for your current tooth and future appliances. Once the process is complete, it’ll be easy to brush and floss your new tooth; plus, you’ll be able to eat your favorite food types again.

Implant recovery will strengthen your jawbone, too, stimulating it to create new bone cells. This can make your face look more defined and protect the bone against deterioration. If you need a dental bone graft, this will further strengthen and enhance your jaw.

Contact Brentwood Dental Group for a New Tooth

There’s amazing hope if you need a new tooth from the dentist office. Dental implant surgery is considered one of the most successful of all dental surgeries. We plan it very carefully for the highest chance of a great outcome.

We can also customize your new tooth for the shape and color that will make it look natural and beautiful in your unique smile. So, don’t let that empty socket stay empty any longer. Contact Brentwood Dental Group for a friendly, professional consultation!

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