9 Reasons To Get Invisalign In Brentwood

9 Reasons To Get Invisalign In Brentwood

Are you insecure about your crooked, misaligned, or gapped teeth? These dental issues can make you insecure about your smile. Do you want to fix your smile discreetly? Invisalign is just the option for you! Following are the nine reasons why you should get Invisalign in Brentwood, MO.

  • A Well-Aligned Bite

Misaligned or crowded teeth can cause wear and tear of your tooth enamel, which can cause broken or chipped teeth. Invisalign treatment from Brentwood, MO, can align your bite, which will help you chew properly and avoid damaging your teeth.

  • Jaw Pain Relief

A misaligned jaw can cause various oral and physical problems such as TMJ disorders. This can lead to headaches, difficulty in chewing, etc. Invisalign treatment can prevent or treat TMJ disorder and relieve you of the pain.

  • Facial Pain Relief

Very often people suffer from pain in their facial, jaw, and neck due to habits like grinding. Wearing Invisalign’s clear aligners will not only ensure a better bite and smile, but it can also relieve your sore facial muscles.

  • Better Digestion

Straight teeth will help you chew food easily without pain. It will help digestion by providing efficient chewing and breakdown of food particles in the mouth. Invisalign can give you straight teeth and enhance your chewing ability and thereby improve your digestion.

  • Improved Bone Structure

If you have crowded, misaligned, or protruding teeth, it can change your facial structure. Therefore with Invisalign, you can now move your teeth into the proper position, which will improve your bone structure.

  • A Cleaner Mouth

If you have crowded teeth, it can be tough to reach certain spots while brushing and flossing. These spots trap food particles or build plaque which can cause several dental issues. With Invisalign treatment in Brentwood, MO, you can achieve a straight smile, and you can now thoroughly clean your mouth and minimize the risk of tooth decay or gum diseases.

  • Easier Professional Dental Cleanings

Crooked, misaligned, or crowded teeth can be tough to clean as the dentist will have to use special instruments to remove bacteria and plaque. After Invisalign treatment, the routine dental cleanings will be short and efficient. A good orthodontist in Brentwood, MO, will make sure your progress from Invisalign is long-lasting.

  • Clearer Speech

Your teeth play an important role in pronouncing certain words. Crowded, gapped, or misaligned teeth can cause difficulty in speaking or cause lisps or slurs. With Invisalign treatment, you can pronounce words easily and communicate with confidence.

  • Protection For Your Teeth

Invisalign can protect your teeth from bad habits like grinding. You can avoid flattened, fractured, chipped teeth and other damages caused by nighttime bruxism. 

One of the main reasons why people choose Invisalign is because of its invisibility feature. The treatment is discreet and effective, so you can achieve the best smile without having to go through the bulky materials that traditional braces require. You are free to eat whatever you want without worrying about getting food stuck in your aligners. You can smile confidently and maintain a professional appearance with the best Invisalign treatment in Brentwood. 

Invisalign In Brentwood, MO

With Invisalign treatment, you no longer need the brackets, bands, or wires to straighten your teeth. At Brentwood Dental Group, our experts only use the latest technology to ensure your comfort and smile. Our orthodontist will create the custom aligner and use 3D modeling software that will show your the end result. Contact us now to get the best Orthodontist in Brentwood, MO. 

Our Invisalign treatment can fix the following dental issues:

  • Crooked teeth or misaligned teeth
  • Twisted teeth
  • Gapped teeth
  • crowded teeth.
  • Underbite, overbite, or crossbite.

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